USBCheckIn: Preventing BadUSB Attacks by Forcing Human-Device Interaction

Auckland (New Zealand), 12 – 14 December 2016

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Abstract of this paper:
The BadUSB attack leverages the modification of
firmware of USB devices in order to mimic the behaviour of a
keyboard or a mouse and send malicious commands to the host.
This is a new and dreadful threat for any organization. Current
countermeasures either require special USB devices or ask the
user to decide if the device can be used.
We propose a new approach that, before allowing the device
to be used, forces the user to interact with it physically, to
ensure that a real human-interface device is attached. Our
implementation is hardware-based and, hence, can be used with
any host, comprising embedded devices, and also during boot,
i.e., before any operating system is running. Our approach does
not require any special feature from USB devices.