Scientific publication: “Reading between the fields: Practical, Effective Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems”

14 June 2016

New Scientific Publication online:
Reading Between the Fields: Practical, Effective Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems

Detection of previously unknown attacks and malicious messages is a challenging problem faced by modern network intrusion detection systems. Anomaly-based solutions, despite being able to detect unknown attacks, have not been used often in practice due to their high false positive rate, and because they provide little actionable information to the security officer in case of an alert. In this paper we focus on intrusion detection in industrial control systems networks and we propose an innovative, practical and semantics-aware framework for anomaly detection. The network communication model and alerts generated by our framework are userunderstandable, making them much easier to manage. At the same time the framework exhibits an excellent tradeoff between detection rate and false positive rate, which we show by comparing it with two existing payload-based anomaly detection methods on several ICS datasets.