Objective #1
To enhance existing methodological security and prevention frameworks with the aim of harmonizing Risk and Vulnerability Assessment methods, standard policies, procedures and applicable regulations or recommendations to prevent cyber-attacks. The PREEMPTIVE methodology proposed will take into account the envisaged innovative technological solutions for preventing and for detecting zero day attacks.

Objective #2
To define guidelines for improving Critical Infrastructures (CIs) surveillance.

Objective #3
To design and develop prevention and detection tools complaint to the dual approach that takes into account both the industrial process misbehavior analysis (physic domain) and the communication and software anomalies (cyber domain):

  1. Industrial process misbehavior detection.
  2. Communication & software related threats prevention and detection.
  3. Moreover, new techniques, in the following referred as “host based”, will be developed to face new ways of transmissions through the devices used in business day to day life.

Objective #4
To define a taxonomy for classifying the utilities networks taking into account:

  1. The utility network type and communication technology used
  2. The utility network sensibility to Cyber threats
  3. The impact over citizens of the services unavailability caused by a cyberattack to an utility network.

Objective #5
Validate PREEMPTIVE framework and innovative technologies in real scenarios. A previous validation will be conducted in a emulated environment.