Expected results & impact

PREEMPTIVE is specifically looking at minimizing cyber risk applying the innovative methods and technologies developed for the utility networks. SCADA and ICS systems are a specific focus of the project. By taking a very practical approach, looking at current real-world systems and designing practical mechanisms, we expect to have a high impact on utility companies and related industry and it is highly likely that future attacks will be thwarted with the help of PREEMPTIVE project results.

The outcomes envisaged in PREEMPTIVE shall improve the awareness in legal and regulatory organizations as well as for operators managing critical infrastructure assets.

PREEMPTIVE proposes to face the new threats trends against SCADA and industrial networks, using jointly a methodology framework and innovative techniques; both will be strongly related in order to fill the existing gaps among security policy, practices and technologies. The impact envisaged will bring a real reduction of the cyber risk over the utility networks. The heavy involvement of the utility companies partner within the consortium assures the feasibility of this goal. The industrial partners will facilitate the exploit of the results achieved of the research carried out.

A specific “host based” technique will be developed in order to contrast transmission through personal devices, furthermore the PREEMPTIVE methodology shall include procedures to assure the effective application of that technique. The impact of the “host based” tool envisaged, will be also within the sector of the “cloud technologies” especially for securing storage spaces.

PREEMPTIVE enhances existing security frameworks with the aim of harmonizing Risk and Vulnerability Assessment methods, standard policies and procedures and applicable regulations or recommendations. In details ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards will be considered as well as the outcomes coming from other FP7 projects: NI2S3, MICIE and COCKPITCI dealing with Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure protection.