PMI Cyber-Security Webinar Attended for PREEMPTIVE

22 June 2016

Project Management Institute (PMI) Cyber-Security Webinar attended:
Cyber-security and Critical Infrastructure: new ideas and tools proposed by the research project PREEMPTIVE

Duration: 1h
Attendees: ~ 100

The following topics have been discussed during this webinar:

  • Introduction of the cyber security problems and of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments.
  • Cyber-security in ICSes (e.g., Advanced Persistent Threats).
  • Overview of Preemptive project in terms of partners involved, objectives, and contributions to methodology and technology.
  • Review of existing standards, pactices, and guidelines (T4.1) performed by Preemptive.
  • Preemptive methodology in details (T4.2 – T4.3), particular attention to risk and vulnerability assessment.
  • Preemptive architecture.
  • Preeptive tools:
    • Process-based (T6.1, T6.2).
    • Network-based (T7.1).
    • Host-based (T7.2).

Goals that have been achieved for PREEMPTIVE by attending this webinar:

  • Presentation of the Preemptive project to a community of Italian project managers. Some of them are involved in company working in critical infrastructure (e.g., Enav) and utilities (e.g., Enel and Eni).
  • Big visibility of the project. There were around 100 attendees. Further, the recording and slides of the webinar are, and will remain, available for all members of the PMI Rome Chapter (at the moment they are more than 1100) on a specific section of the official website. There is a plan of PMI to make a post on LinkedIn where it should be possible to discuss about the topic of the webinar.

List of some of the participating companies: