Fourth End User Advisory Board Meeting

HWC organized the Fourth End User Advisory Board Meeting on September 29, 2016 in Lancaster, United Kingdom.

EUAB Meeting
The EUAB Meeting started with a short introduction of the State of the Art of the PREEMPTIVE Project, led by VitroCiset. During this session, the goal of the meeting was explained and an overview of the general architecture and final test bed were presented.

After this introduction each WP leader presented an overview of what has been produced in each WP.
During each presentation there has been an interaction of Q&A from both sides. Because only one End User (Energo) was able to come this could easily be done.

Conclusion of this meeting was that all Workpackages got the answers they needed from the End User Energo to continue with their work. We therefore thank Energo for joining this session and all PREEMPTIVE members are going for the final stretch!