Fourth General Assembly & Executive Board Meeting

HWC organized the Fourth General Assembly & Executive Board Meeting on September 27-28, 2016 in Lancaster, United Kingdom.

Day 1
The first day of the 4th EUAB (End User Advisory Board) Meeting started off with a short introduction on the State of the Art of the PREEMPTIVE project, led by VitroCiset.
During this session several topics were discussed, such as:

  • Timing;
  • GANTT;
  • The remarks from the second review; and
  • Financial issues

Next on the agenda were the workpackages and the work they had done. For the first day there were only sessions for Workpackage 3, 4, 6 and 7.
During each session several topics were discussed and how the progress of that deliverable was going.
Some of the topics discussed during these sessions were:

  • Payload Detection
  • Flow Detection
  • PLC Detection
  • Host Detection
  • USB Detection
  • Etc..


Day 2
Day 2 started immediately with the ongoing discussions of the deliverables per Workpackage. During this day Workpackage 4, 8 and 9 had some time to discuss the work they had done and what issues they encountered.
Topics discussed during these sessions were:

  • Challenges regarding the evaluation of PREEMPTIVE Methodoly in a real test plant
  • TOC
  • Final test bed configurations
  • Latest updates regarding dissemination of the project

The day ended with a short discussion of the achieved milestones, the next steps that are to be taken and questions that needed to be asked to the End Users on the following day.