Dissemination Day – Rome

Rome, 11 May 2017

During the “Dissemination Day” of PREEMPTIVE, a FP7 European Research Project, we focused on the critical infrastructure cyber-threats landscape. We discussed how attackers can damage our critical infrastructures and what solutions the PREEMPTIVE workforce had developed to tackle and defeat attacks that become every day more sophisticate. We concluded the day with a panel where key stakeholders (EU research projects executors, end users, people from industry and academy) discussed the main challenges that cyber-security experts are facing today.

Panel Moderator: Sandro Etalle (University of Twente)
Simon Pietro Romano (University of Naples Federico II)
Stefano Salsano (University of Roma Tor Vergata – Scissor EU Project)
Paul Smith (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – Sparks EU Project)
Andrea Guarino (ACEA Spa)
Sandro Bologna (AIIC Italian Association of Critical Infrastructure)