Deliverable: D4.2. PREEMPTIVE Methodology Reference

30 April 2016

Deliverable 4.2. is now online:
D4.2. PREEMPTIVE Methodology Reference

This deliverable D4.2 refers to this previous work and puts emphasis on these selected topics: Risk Assessment, Asset Identification, Vulnerability Assessment and Policy & Compliance. It narrows down the description in different chapters from higher to lower levels of abstraction. The document starts with a description of the risk assessment methodology in chapter 3. Risk calculation is based on the concepts of assets, threats and vulnerability, which are detailed in the following chapters 4, 5 and 6. Chapter 7 builds the connection between the gaps identified in D4.1, the Preemptive which are under development in other work packages, and a set of policies derived from the methodology. The goal of this work package – when concluded together with D4.3, D4.4 and D4.5 – is to provide a methodology with technical guidelines on selected topics together with the implementation of helpful tools supporting the application of the proposed methodology.