Deliverable: D4.1. Security Frameworks: State of the art evaluation

30 April 2016

Deliverable 4.1. is now online:
D4.1. Security Frameworks: State of the art evaluation

In deliverable D4.1, we describe the state of the art of security frameworks, standards and recommendations. Therefore, we have reviewed security approaches ranging from the general IT, to Critical Infrastructures, and up to the Smart Grids and extracted countermeasures proposed to mitigate security breaches. Arranged in fine-grained groups, we have based on this collection of countermeasures a gap analysis which resulted in the description of seven weak points in the state of the art implementation: Three gaps deal with differences between the general IT security and the characteristics in utility networks. Two gaps refer to the lack of details on how to implement countermeasures, and another two highlight missing countermeasures taking into account the physical process and targeting APT. The specific depictions conclude with the analysis on how the preemptive methodology should improve the current situation.