HW Communications

HW Communications

HW Communications Ltd (HWC) was founded in 1990 and has traditionally focussed on advanced research and development in mobile and wireless communications, which have been implemented as bespoke solutions for external companies and government agencies. More recently HWC has also targeted the transfer of the technologies developed in the research laboratory into its own range of secure and resilient communication products. HWC’s unique breadth of capability spans all layers of the communication stack, allowing for optimum consideration for secure and resilient communication systems.

Cyber Security & Resilience has been at the core of HWC’s activity right from the start. Within the past 25 years, HWC has developed its capability from its baseline academic foundation in information theory and cryptography and developed many solutions for securing communication systems and ensuring that their operation is reliable and trustworthy.

Through both commercial and publicly funded R&D, HWC remains on the leading edge of Cyber Security and Resilient Communications.

Secure and Resilience research activity covers a wide range of activity and is grouped to support the following:

  • Protection of People and Infrastructure
  • Protection of Identity, Privacy and Trust