European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)

European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)

The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is a cooperative, not-for-profit association that strives to improve the cyber-security of critical infastructures. ENCS concentrates on the security of Distribution System Operators (DSO’s), the companies responsible for the delivery of gas and electricity to homes. ENCS provides its members expertise in the security of Smart Grids and Industrial Control Systems, through its own dedicated experts and its network in government, academia and business. It aims to provide practical solutions to the problems infrastructure owners are facing. Established in July 2012, ENCS is actively involved in projects supporting the energy transition in Europe and is open for new members.

The ENCS Research & Development group does applied research based on a research agenda created by our members. The current research concerns privacy enhancing technologies for Smart Metering, and security monitoring and architectures for Smart Grids. The research agenda is continuously updated in collaboration with our members to address the problems they are facing.


ENCS will work on the correlation of security events in  workpackage 7, Network Analysis Detection Tools. Correlation is an important topic on the security monitoring research agenda.

ENCS will contribute to the project its knowledge of security testing (in WP8 Results Validation and Demonstration), security and risk assessments (in WP4 Cyber Defense Methodology Framework), and the electricity sector (in WP2 Utility network Taxonomy).

ENCS leads the dissemination workpackage (WP 9). ENCS will coordinate the dissemination activities, such  and cooras workshops, conferences, and publications. ENCS is responsible for the public relations materials such as the website.