The PREEMPTIVE consortium consists of the following partners:


End User Advisory Board

One of the key principles of the PREEMPTIVE project is to be utility centric. The project tries to actively involve utility companies to understand their needs and requirements and to plan field trials to test the project results. One important way to involve utilities is through the End-User Advisory Board (EUAB).

The End-User Advisory Board consists of two partners, IEC and IREC, and five external advisors:

  • Electricite de France (France)
  • ENERGO (Croatia)
  • CETaqua (Spain)
  • GAS Natural Fenosa (Spain)
  • Poste Italiane (Italy)

The EUAB supports the consortium in the definition of operational requirements and  scenarios, and in testing, validating and assessing the results of the research activities. The EUAB will collaborate, as advisor, in any project activity, evaluating relevance of decisions and results, guaranteeing the sustainability of the solution, evaluating new research proposals that will come also from outside the project. The EUAB may also contribute and support, in terms of advising subject, to the remaining project activities, as well as giving suggestions, in the scientific or demonstration fields, to be consulted for very specific topics not covered by the internal expertise.